A Month of Charlie - January 2016

I am a little behind on this post, and that is okay, because that is just how life has been lately.  Busy. Crazy. Busy!  I cannot believe that in just a few short months Charlie will be 3 years old.  He is such a big boy.  We even have a meeting with a prospective preschool next week...PRESCHOOL!!!! One of his favorite things to do right now is to draw.  He is an amazing little artist.  Loves drawing Robots.  Colored pencils and coloring books help us make it through church too!  Calms is VERY busy little mind.

This past month has been rather tough with getting Charlie to go to sleep in his own bed.  Jake and I haven't been the co-sleeping type, so for as long as Charlie has been around he has been sleeping in his own bed.  BUT lately he thinks he can always sleep in our bed.  Here is the thing, I would be totally cool with it for the sake of sleeping, but you cannot sleep if Charlie sleeps with you.  He cries and talks SO MUCH in his sleep  I think he gets really bad night terrors.  The other night he was yelling "BYEEE GRANDMA" in his sleep.  So we have been trying to at least get him to fall asleep in his room, and if in the middle of the night he comes in our bed...oh well!

He is still loving his camera and taking photos of everything!  And now he is posing for me, which is so fun! :)



























Noah is 5 Months!


A little late to post but ohhhh well! :)  He's our little chubby dude.  Smiles at anyone who talks to him.  Loves to eat.  Loves his baths.  And loves Charlie.  In fact, Charlie is the only one that can make him laugh really hard.  <3

The other day I looked at Jake and said, "Wow I cannot believe we have two kids now!"  Haha, it took a little to sink in I guess.  But Noah just has his own little personality now and it just feels more "normal" or "real".  He is so easy going though.  He kinda just rolls with anything we are doing.

We sleep trained him this month.  We hit a point earlier this month where we were waking up EVERY 2 HOURS OR LESS.  It was horrible...  We knew something needed to change.  SO we moved his crib out of our bedroom.  The cry-it-out method worked with Charlie really well, so we tried that again with Noah.  He is a tough cookie lol.  We realized that he isn't quite the same as Charlie and liked the reassurance of us going in every 5 mins or so to say "Goodnight" or pat his bum while he is crying...Charlie hated that.  We are on a pretty good routine now.  Some nights are hard here and there, but he usually sleeps for about 11 hours.  Praise the Lord!

This Month's Milestones: - His cues are so much easier to pick up on now...when he is tired, hungry or just bored. - Totally okay with car rides now. - Loves his rice cereal and apples. - Master at rolling over to his back, but not yet from back to tummy. - Okay with longer periods of playing in bouncer. - ALLLLMOST sitting up!









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A Month of Charlie - December 2015

Charlie will be 3 this year!!!  So crazy!!!  Just a few months away.  He is amazing at telling stories and talking!  I clogged the kitchen sink the other day and he explained to me what the pipes do, and then told the plumber, "Mommy broke sink!"  Thanks Charlie!!!  This month we have worked hard on obedience, potty training, and getting him to eat more.  All three are going well. Obedience - We have been rewarding him here and there for good behavior with a little piece of chocolate.  We don't do it every time because he would just expect it, but when he doesn't expect it we give him a chocolate and say why.  He has been responding really well to it and we have had a lot less "terrible two moments".  If he does breakdown though we usually let him try to figure it out on his own, by telling him to go sit down in his timeout room and he usually comes out a different little boy.

Potty Training - I was so scared to potty train him.  We have been trying for well over 6 months now.  I was worried it would never happen and then this month it just clicked.  We still have a accident here and there, but he is not as embarrassed about telling us when he has to go....YAY!  Diaper days for Charlie are almost done!

Eating More - Ugh.  Still hard but we are getting there.  He is SUCH a picky eater and I have no idea why.  We fed him EVERYTHING when he was younger.  Somewhere between then a now he only likes chicken nuggets...  and he will not try anything new.  We have gotten him to eat some healthier options like yogurt, apples, or "cookies" yogurt covered pretzels (instead of cookies), apple sauce...A lot better than just nuggets and fries.

Charlie loved Christmas this year.  Just overwhelmed by everything!!!  He got a Ford F-150 (just like daddy) Power Wheels and it is just the funniest thing to see him riding it.  He turns the radio on and just drives!!!



He was kissing his truck in this picture lol


CharlieDecember_0083 CharlieDecember_0086

Lately, he has become SUCH a good little photographer. Jake's old camera has now become his camera.  It is real with a full battery and memory card. The photos he takes are hilarious.  I am thinking about putting together a blog post JUST of Charlie's photos!!! :)


And my favorite!!!! <3 Such handsome dudes I am surrounded by!



Schulze Family - Family Photographer

Last but not least of my family shoots this season...my own parents.  Us Schulze's are all leaders so it was sure a funny time shooting photos for 4 other "leaders".  We had a good time though!  Time with family is always special.  Got some great shots and it made for an awesome looking Christmas card.  Noah even got to sneak in for a few photos as well. Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0147 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0140 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0154 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0152 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0143 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0142 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0146 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0148 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0151 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0149 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0141 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0145 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0144 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0150 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0153

Our First Family Shoot

Being a photographer it is just so rare to get a family photo...with you in it.  I was tired of doing self-timer because trying to tell a two year old to look at a camera no one is behind is a little confusing...  I just wanted to BE the client for once.  So that we were.  It wasn't hard to figure out what photographer we wanted since I had been blog stalking this one local photographer, Love Bethany Photography and I LOVED her work and her style of shooting.

Come day of the session and I was nervous...like really nervous.  It was so weird being on the other side of the camera.  It was my kids I had to make sure behaved now.  AH!  Scary!  Bethany was so kind with busy-boy Charlie, our outfits all stayed in tact for the car ride there, AND Noah was happy.  We survived and the photos are amazing!  Thank you Bethany!


















Photos by: Love Bethany Photography


Schulze Family - Los Angeles Family Photographer

Some people might disagree, but working with your family is the best thing ever!  I shot my brother and sister-in-laws Christmas card photos this weekend and it was so much fun.  It was super windy and very cold so we made it a quick as possible, but you would never know.  Their outfits were on point and little Jackson's smiles could warm any heart. <3


AHH, that smile!!!
















Noah is 4 Months!

Noah4Months_0025 Oh my little Noah is another month older.  He is still bald, still chunky, and still smiling at everything.  I love how easy it is to make him smile.  It is my favorite thing in the world to see Charlie and Noah together.  In the morning, Charlie will run into our bedroom, where Noah still sleeps, and say hi to "baby"and kiss him and hug him.  But instantly when Noah sees Charlie, he gets the biggest smile on his face.  Goodness, they are going to have so much fun together!

Sleep has been SO hard this month.  Thankfully, Noah has a solid routine for day time naps and sometimes takes a nap for 3 hours!!!  Woo!  But nights are a whole other story.  It has been hard... I know it might be because of his teeth, but 4 times a night is just not fun for anyone.  We have tried sleep training and different techniques, but he just seems stubborn.    I know we will get there eventually, but goodness, can it come faster?! ;)

I remember when Charlie started reaching for his toys when he was a young baby.  Once they can start grabbing things and playing with them, I feel like their whole world changes...Now they can actually control something.  This month Noah has been doing that, and he just works SO hard.  His pouty face when he can't get his toy is the cutest thing!!!

This month's milestone: - He is just not too far away from sitting up.  Getting stronger and stronger. - Three hour naps are a blessing. - He loves the Baby Bjorn...SO MUCH. - He is actively grabbing and reaching for toys. - Introduced rice cereal this month...he is indifferent to it. - Is now in a size 3 diaper...he is soooo chubs.










And incase you want to know what goes on behind the scenes... Our photos may look happy and all, but this is how we got them! HAHA! ;)


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A Month of Charlie - November

I have been blogging Charlie's month-by-month for well over a year now.  It is the hardest thing to do, especially with two kids, and sometimes the only reason I will pick up my camera is to have something for my blog post.  Life is just too busy.  BUT I am SO happy I have something motivating me to keep up with photos of my kiddos and not just photos on an iPhone.  I looked at my 2015 home photo file and we have nearly 2000 pictures in there now...  in about 20 years those will be priceless. This month we have been really working with Charlie to get him listening more and effectively communicating to us, rather than just crying about it.  Little by little we are getting there.

We hired a nanny this month too.  It has been such a blessing.  Both Jake and I work full time and before we were working AND Jake was watching the kids.  We were not getting too much work done so we were over working ourselves by working weekends and late evenings.  Even though we saw Charlie and Noah all the time, we really were not spending quality time with them.  We prayed and prayed for an answer and shortly after our prayers were answered when He sent us a lovely lady to help us.  Charlie and especially Noah just LOVE her.  Now we are able to come home from work and be done with working for the night.  Charlie has been quite happy about that.

This month Charlie learned to make tea and coffee.  It has been pretty awesome to say the least!  Next up are lattes and cappuccinos! ;)

CharlieNovember_0014 CharlieNovember_0013 CharlieNovember_0024 CharlieNovember_0023 CharlieNovember_0022 CharlieNovember_0015 CharlieNovember_0021 CharlieNovember_0020 CharlieNovember_0017 CharlieNovember_0019 CharlieNovember_0018 CharlieNovember_0016


West/Murtha Family Photos - Los Angeles Family Photographer

I normally do not blog on Sundays but I cannot help myself when there is such a beautiful family to share.  My brother's girlfriend, Diane, wanted to surprise her sister with family photos since she was in town for Thanksgiving.   I was so excited when she asked me to take them, because lately, family shoots have been my absolute favorite.  Families are just so fun and like this one, SO photogenic.









I love getting photos of mom and dad alone.  So rare to get these once you have kids! :)






As you can see, this baby is surely LOVED a whole lot!




Beautiful sisters! <3