Wooden Photo Box

Ever since I printed this year's Christmas cards, I have been determined to put more of my photos in print.  They look 100% more beautiful on paper than they do on a computer.   There is just something about holding a photo in your hand and not staring at a computer screen.  I have been looking into some creative ways to store those prints, and I came across the idea of a wooden photo box!  I fell in love with the idea, so I ordered one for my nephew for his birthday...I was thrilled with how it turned out.  I am now going to be doing this way more often and now extending it to any Becca Liz clients wanting to put their photos in print.

The top of the box has a photo printed into the wood.  It is neat because you can actually see the wood grain in the photo.



The box is roughly 4x4.


The wrapping is perfect for a gift!


But, when I unwrapped it, the quality of the photos were just so rich looking!

Wooden-Photo-Box_0024 Wooden-Photo-Box_0025

I ordered 10 mounted prints, which means they are "glued" to very think paper...this made it perfect for the little picture holders it came with!  There is another option for 50 prints on regular photo paper.  The quality is still just as amazing as these!





I was so happy with my little wooden photo box.  Yes, printing your photos does cost money rather than leaving them on the computer, but the quality you get with a great company is amazing!  If ANY of you Becca Liz Photography clients would love prints, canvases (post coming on that soon), or anything, shoot me over an email [email protected] to get more details!  I would be happy to put the memories we captured in print!  Tangible photos are way more fun to look at!