Union Station Family Shoot

This family was an absolute pleasure to shoot with.  Four kids made things fun and upbeat.  It took a team to get all four looking at once...but we did it.  Aren't they adorable?  They  were such a fun family.  Turns out as we have A LOT of things in common.  Let's just say they know my grandparents, they were in my mom's modeling agency at one point, Jake toured an open house that Ailson (the mom) put on, the grandma lived on our street, and....the list goes on.  It is just crazy how many things were connecting as we kept talking.  It just made for a great time shooting!  Here to another fun Union Station shoot! Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0029 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0032 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0036 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0030 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0037 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0040 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0031 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0033 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0034 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0035 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0039 Union-Statio-Family-Shoot_0038