Union Station Family Photos

It's not often where I get to shoot in such a fun locations TWICE in one month.  Union Station has become one of my favorite photography spots.  The spanish style architecture and colors are just amazing to shoot with.  So I was more that happy to hear where this family wanted to shoot their Christmas card photos!  AND the colors of their outfits just fit so well with the surroundings...great planning!  With laughter and energetic spirits we wandered through Union Station finding all the perfect spots. Union-Station-Family-Photos_0055 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0059 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0057 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0056 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0058 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0054 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0061 Union-Station-Family-Photos_0060


Union Station Family Photos - Becca Liz Photography