Underestimating Kindness

It is a busy, busy world out there.   Everyone is busy.  Everyone has their own agenda. It seems the past few years with people falling deeper and deeper into their phones and Instagram or Twitter, the thoughtfulness for the kind gestures has gone away.  But it is just silly to give up hope like that.  All is not lost. A few days ago I come home from a walk with Charlie.  Our neighbors ran out to me, "Do you have a minute?" they asked.  Then, they came running out with a gift.  They said there was something in there for Charlie for his first birthday, something for me just because, and they bought a 'get well' cake for Jake...But they ate it...because they didn't want it to go bad.  I could not help but laugh about the cake!

I got inside my house and opened the gift... $50 baby Gap card and lavender scented drawer pillows for me.  So sweet and so thoughtful.  It was really nice to think that they took the time to put that together out of their busy day.

I'm not giving up on the world yet.  There are still so many amazing hearts out there encouraging me to be more thoughtful. :)

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