Tyler - Headshots

Like I said in my Monday's blog post, it is such a pleasure to have return clients.  With already knowing the person, the "breaking in" period is minimal.  It always takes about 20 minutes for a client to become comfortable being behind a big camera with a silly photographer telling them to do this and do that!   But as soon as those 20 mins pass or if they have done a photoshoot before, you can tell their smiles become wider, their shoulders are no longer tense...geez am I that scary?  Kidding.  ;) Tyler wanted to do a more charactery look for this shoot.  He wants to audition for more  preppy and tough guy roles.  I think he pulls both of them off well!  Best of luck to you Tyler!

theatrical-headshots_0005 theatrical-headshots_0004 theatrical-headshots_0003 theatrical-headshots_0000 theatrical-headshots_0002 theatrical-headshots_0001 theatrical-headshots_0006