Two Peas in a Pod

Let's face it, the first 6 months of my life were pretty boring.  No friends, I couldn't talk or walk or play. BUT when I turned 6 months old, life got pretty fun.  My best friend was born!!!  I was so blessed to have a "sister" all my childhood years to play with, talk with, argue with, and have sleepovers with.  When I think back the best times of my childhood years it always consists of all the crazy things Biz and I did together. (Yes, her name is Biz, I could not say Elizabeth.  To this day, everyone still calls her Biz)  Heck, we even started our own beading business at the age of 11, TropicalBeads.  We can still make all kinds of necklaces and bracelets to this day. ;) The moment I found out my sister-in-law was pregnant about a month before Charlie was due, I immediately got super excited because Charlie and Jackson will be the two peas in a pod like Biz and I were at that age!  Although I am afraid being two boys the trouble they might get into, I know that their friendship will be what Biz and I have and still have.  They will always have a friend forever!


Top: Me on the left, Biz on the right Bottom: Jackson on the left, Charlie on the right