Trust in its Purest Form

Charlie has been in the mood of climbing everything...his crib, foot rests, beds... It is scaring me already, and I know it has only just begun.  I noticed though, as Charlie is climbing, he has complete trust in me and Jake that we will be there if he falls.  He hangs back, takes one foot off the railing, and tests his limits, but he knows mommy and daddy will always be there to catch him.  He trusts us. Trust is a hard thing to gain in the real world.  That is because all of us, at one point or another have trusted too much and been let down.  What if we could just trust everyone like Charlie trusts?  Honesty and faith would true qualities that would be in everyone.  Knowing that even that one person, my own son, can trust me as much as he does, makes me feel so happy that I can give him that sense of comfort.

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