'Tis the Season for Lots of Laughter

This afternoon I went to lunch with my husband.  Christmas music was playing where ever we went.  Decorations hanging on a beautiful cloudy day!  Merry and Bright! However, I noticed that as Jake and I were driving around people were hurrying, honking, and screaming in road rage.  We didn't drive more that 2 miles and within that span, 4 people honked their horns.  It was sad. But it is families like the ones I shot on Saturday that make my heart smile Merry and Bright!  The second family shoot on Saturday was laughter filled for sure.  Such a beautiful family and filled with so much love.  You can totally tell.   There is never a dull moment with three boys.  You can just tell by how much they were laughing in the photos.  It was so nice to spend my Saturday with some great, great people.  Blessed to have such awesome clients!


And the laughing begins! family-photos-brothers


This photo on the bottom left is my favorite from the shoot.  We have mom getting the little one to smile, dad mid-pointing at the camera, other little boy doing a karate pose and the oldest just smiling away!  So candid! Makes me laugh every time!Family-Christmas-Card-Photos

.... And some smiling!