Taytum - Headshots

Do you ever have someone at you just met remind you of one of your close friends or a family member?  Seems like it happens a lot to me.  When I was going to school, I would have a classmate that reminded me of someone that I knew in church or in another place in my life.  It seemed to happen with every class I was in.   It was interesting to see that I gravitated to the same "kind" of people/personalities in all my groups of friends.  I am sure I am not the only one this happens to. This weekend, I met another one of those people that reminded me of someone I know. I had a blast working with this kiddo this weekend.  I don't think I have ever laughed so much at a shoot.  I also don't think a photo shoot client has ever called me a  "chicken head". :) This guy had a personality that just exploded, and it was so fun to work with that.  But the whole time I could not shake the fact that he reminded me so much of my big brother, Jeramie.  My brother has always been known to be the party-starter, the jokester, and the one that can say just about anything to make you laugh.  My brother's personality and this little man's personality were pretty much spot on.  This photo shoot felt like I was just hanging out with my big brother, just about 25 some years younger...Such fun.


But between all the little funny faces, he really knew how to smile for the camera!

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Peace out! Becca