Taylor, Jacey, & Dominic - Headshots

Shooting headshots for families are always my favorite.  It is great to see the interaction between all the siblings.  It makes for very real shots since family is usually in the background smiling and having a good time.  This is why I particularly loved working with this family.   They all had a fun time doing this shoot together, and isn't that the most important part? ;)

Becca-Clicks-Photography Teen-Headshots-LA BeccaClicks La-Headshot-Photographer-1 Headshots-BeccaClicks-Photography LA-Headshot-Photographer-2 LA-Head-Shot-Photographer Headshot-Photography-LA Becca-Clicks-Photography-1 Headshot-Photographer teen-Headshots Headshots-by-Becca teen-Head-shots Headshots-Becca-Clicks Head-shots BeccaClicks-Photography  Girl-Headshots-LA Children-Photographer Children-Head-Shots LA-Headshots Family-photography Family-portraits Family-Photograher