Take Time to Make Time

Life has seemed to have been going NON STOP for the past year.  There has just been so much that has happened in our lives.  We have been so blessed.  But between all that is laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, and the list goes on.... It all needs to get done some how.  I have the gett'er done personality.  If it is not done, I can't relax.  It can be a good thing sometimes, but others I feel it is a curse because I seem to never fully relax. It is so important to spend time with family.  The other day I was inundated with work, so much so I even didn't want to eat (and that is rare for me).  I worked from sun up to way past sun down.  As I was sitting in bed, ready to go to sleep, I noticed that I had not really sat down with my husband or Charlie and "unplugged" myself from work, my phone, or the busy world.  I felt like I lost a whole day with them.  From then on, I promised myself to NOT let that happen again.

My husband is great at unplugging and relaxing even when there is stuff to be done.  I appreciate that about him.  He always takes time to make time for himself and his family.

I snapped the photo below on my iPhone as a reminder for me to slow down.  As you can see, there is laundry needed to be folded in the background, Charlie's towel on the floor....but Jake and Charlie where just laying there talking and relaxing.  JakeandCharlie