Surprise 30th Anniversary Weekend

Two months ago my brother and his wife and me and Jake sat down for dinner.  We were talking about the upcoming events, birthday parties, work, and my parents anniversary that was around the corner.  This was going to be their 30th Wedding Anniversary so we knew we needed to do something special. My parents are not material kind of people.  They would not appreciate a big gift but some good ole' family time is just right up their ally.  There is nothing that my parents love more than being with family by the fire pit with a glass of wine.  So we planned just that, but all in secret!  It was a mission to pull off an Anniversary Weekend away with family without my mom knowing!  But with the help of everyone and lots of secrets, we did it.

My parents arrived a day before we did.  So when the time was right, we snuck our whole family in the main lodge and SURPRISE.  They had absolutely no idea we have been working on this weekend for months.

All weekend we just enjoyed one another's company, laughed, went wine tasting and had S'mores by the fire.


The beautiful lake!


Getting ready before my mom and dad come in for their surprise!!!Anniversary-Weekend_0010

I think by the looks on their faces they were surprised!

Anniversary-Weekend_0011 Anniversary-Weekend_0015 Anniversary-Weekend_0014

Love everyone's reactions!

Anniversary-Weekend_0012 Anniversary-Weekend_0013

After all settled down and we had a moment, I knew I wanted to take Anniversary photos of my parents.   They rarely ever have any nice photos of them together!  They deserved it too.  They are so busy helping other people and life can just get away from you at times.  Taking just 20 minutes doing these photos together and doing something for themselves just made my heart smile.   They needed time just to focus on them! :)

Anniversary-Weekend_0027 Anniversary-Weekend_0032 Anniversary-Weekend_0035 Anniversary-Weekend_0039Anniversary-Weekend_0028

That light!!!!!

Anniversary-Weekend_0029 Anniversary-Weekend_0034 Anniversary-Weekend_0033 Anniversary-Weekend_0040 Anniversary-Weekend_0041 Anniversary-Weekend_0031 Anniversary-Weekend_0036 Anniversary-Weekend_0030

Besides just doing photo shoots in amazing light all weekend, we all enjoyed the scenery so much!  So quiet, so perfect, and so fun!Anniversary-Weekend_0060 Anniversary-Weekend_0059 Anniversary-Weekend_0058Anniversary-Weekend_0056

Melissa, my sister-in-law, made these amazing baskets packed with a complete S'mores kit!Anniversary-Weekend_0019Anniversary-Weekend_0018

And the campfire fun began!

Anniversary-Weekend_0055Anniversary-Weekend_0054 Anniversary-Weekend_0052 Anniversary-Weekend_0053 Anniversary-Weekend_0021 Anniversary-Weekend_0017

But during the day we had a blast riding around on motorcycles, wine tasting, and getting in some good ole' family time!Anniversary-Weekend_0016 Anniversary-Weekend_0023 Anniversary-Weekend_0022 Anniversary-Weekend_0024 Anniversary-Weekend_0025 Anniversary-Weekend_0026 Anniversary-Weekend_0020

I could not resist the amazing light so family photos were in session!!!  Here is little Jackson looking so cute!Anniversary-Weekend_0048 Anniversary-Weekend_0049 Anniversary-Weekend_0050

Mom, dad and the kids!

Anniversary-Weekend_0051 Anniversary-Weekend_0047 Anniversary-Weekend_0046 Anniversary-Weekend_0045 Anniversary-Weekend_0044 Anniversary-Weekend_0042 Anniversary-Weekend_0037 Anniversary-Weekend_0038 Anniversary-Weekend_0043 Anniversary-Weekend_0061

And one last group family shot before we all hit the road!  It is so rare that we are all together WITH a camera ready to take the group shot.  It is photos like this that you smile back on in 15 years!Anniversary-Weekend_0062


It was a beautiful weekend to say the least.  I am so happy we were able to pull this off without my parents knowing.  It was just what they needed in the middle of this crazy season.