Stepping out of our Bubble

Everyone that knows me is aware that I live in my bubble, I love my routines, and if that stay in that bubble life is just dandy.  I like that because it is predicable and dependable.   It keeps life consistently awesome.  Well that's what I think anyways! But in order to keep life fun and add a little spice in my life, Jake and I signed up for a cooking class at Sur La Table for this past Friday Night Date Night.  We have never done a cooking class before.  Jake loves cooking and I love baking, and with our Fourth of July party around the corner, we thought this class would be perfect to steal some scrumptious recipes from.

The Menu was called Date Night: Great Summer Cooking.  We made salad dressing for our arugala, blue cheese and walnut salad.  We marinated steak and poured a corn and avocado relish on it.  We grilled some delicious citrus and cumin carrots. And we topped it all off with an amazingly yummy raspberry souffle with homemade cream.  It was quite a class!

Being that it was located in the middle of the LA Farmer's Market it was quite the feat with traffic just getting there.   But so worth it.  I have never been down that way before so we walked around the Grove and the Farmer's Market until our feet could not handle it anymore.

This date night was one for the books! :)

sur-la-table-cooking class Cooking-Classes-LA Cooking-Class-Date-Night Sur-La-Table-Cooking-Classes Friday-Night-Cooking Becca-Clicks

The only thing we really took a photo of.  Kind of hard to take photos of the food since your hands are greasy with steak, and the fact that we didn't want to just take photos of our creations when we were done....we wanted to devour them!!!