Six Years Ago...

One of the best things about building a business of your own is creating it to be something you are proud of.  It becomes your "baby".  With many hours at the beginning figuring it out, making it work, learning and failing... You work long and hard to make it strong!  That is just what I have done... Just about this time 6 years ago is when I got handed the camera and did my first photo shoot. My mom used to be a head shot photographer in the days.  Ever since I was just a few months old I would go to her every shoot!  I loved seeing her photograph the little kids. It looked so fun.  When she got the photos back from the lab, it was always so neat how the photos turned out being just a fun to look at as it was for her to shoot them. Then, in changing with the times, it switched over to the digital age the post-processing end was getting too arduous for her film mind.  The editing was such a fun part to me.  For a while, I did all her editing, but that just gave me the itch to take the photos myself as well.  Bring all my mom's amazing guidance with me, I was off to shoot on my own!

Many years later, I have grown tremendously.  And for that growth I am very thankful.  I am very blessed to have a web-programmer husband/second shooter/my-number-one-fan to keep me strong and fresh in my work.  He is constantly challenging me, and I am always pushing his creativity limits.  Guess we make a good team. Because of that push we have given one another, we have never been as happy with our business as we am now.  Loving what we do, loving that we work together, and looking so forward to the next 6 years and beyond.

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Happy Saturday!

Love, Becca & Jake