Schulze Family - Family Photographer

Last but not least of my family shoots this own parents.  Us Schulze's are all leaders so it was sure a funny time shooting photos for 4 other "leaders".  We had a good time though!  Time with family is always special.  Got some great shots and it made for an awesome looking Christmas card.  Noah even got to sneak in for a few photos as well. Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0147 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0140 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0154 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0152 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0143 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0142 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0146 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0148 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0151 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0149 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0141 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0145 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0144 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0150 Family-Photography-Los-Angeles_0153