Running Around like a Crazy Person

I have been blogging consistently 3 days a week for about a year now.  It has been the driving force of marketing my business.  I have loved it!  Sharing things personal to business, I always get giddy when I have a new blog post to publish.  But it sure is not the easiest task in the word.  It is work to keep content engaging and prep great posts.  I usually try to createmy posts during the weekend and schedule them to fire off during the week, but lately it has just been difficult.  With all the house hunting, photo shoots, silly toddler twos, and other events happening in life right now, I knew the past few weeks I had a cut something out...and that was blogging and I hated that. So this weekend is just spent regrouping and getting life back in control of all the craziness.  It is so easy to run around like a mad person when you are busy, but sometimes that just solves nothing.  You become disorganized and easily just lose focus. In the end it just feels like more busy work than really ever accomplishing anything.  By just refocusing and re-planning I hope that it will make these next few weeks just a tad easier. ;)