Refreshed and Organized

I am not a fan of New Years resolutions.  Call me crazy, I know, sounds depressing, but let me explain...  I feel like I just can't say this year I will work out more, or this year I will be more organized.  For me, there needs to be more depth and meaning to it for me to actually pull it off.  Instead, I like to take a look at my past year and see what worked and what didn't.  What was successful and what was hands-down something that absolutely needs to change in the next year and years to come.  This goes for both personal and business sides of things. Here are my top 3 goals for the year:

1.  SPENDING & SAVING I am always checking my credit card statements and bank transactions for anything suspicious, but I am not consciously aware of HOW I am spending my money.  I want to be able to keep track of our spendings more and be able to see where we might be able to saving more.  I have started using to help keep track of this better, and will hopefully make prepping for taxes next year a lot easier!  Anyone looking to manage their finances should definitely check that site out... Best of all, it is free too!


2.  ORGANIZATION I would call myself a very organized person.  I like things neat and tidy.  You can pretty much walk into my house at any given time and it will be nice and clean.  Different story though if you walk into my office or look my calendar.  You would be totally lost and confused.  My desk would look like I am busy but my calendar would say otherwise.  I have forgotten so many meetings and things I had to do because I was trying to remember too many things.  I am a visual person too so if it is not written doesn't exist.  So to help with that, my amazing best friend bought me the Day Designer Planner.  I feel like a school girl excited about her new school supplies.  I think I have brought it with me to bed every night so I can plan out my next day!  This planner is the best.  So simple and very straightforward.  Now whenever a to-do list item pops into my head I can write it down instead of trying to remember all these things.  Being able to think more clearly has been so refreshing.  My brain surely cannot remember EVERYTHING I have to do!

Photo via Instagram Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 9.04.01 PM

3.  Say NO!  In the business world, for me, it is VERY hard to say no.  I feel so honored that clients are coming to me, how can I say no to them?  But simply, I need to respect my family and myself first.  That just meaning saying no to any shoot inquiring on a family day or a day where I know it would cause stress on my family and I.  That unnecessary stress is not good for anyone and doesn't help my creative process either.  Allowing myself to have those "NO" days allows for more creative spark on my working days too.  Don't worry though, I'll never flat out say NO! to you.  We'll just find the next closest time we are both available! ;)