About a year ago I did a post on how Instagram can make people's lives look so "perfect".  I posted these happy and smiling photos of me, Charlie and Jake playing in the backyard, but the reality was...That was the hardest week we had in a long time.  It is so easy to compare your life to another's on Social Media just because you think it may look "perfect", but really...we have no idea. Juggling life with a newborn and a two year old has been tough.  It is so rewarding and feels so complete, but as Jake said the other day at lunch to me "Being a parent is seriously the hardest job on the planet."  It sure is.  But there is nothing that makes us happier on this planet.

Jake and I are in the middle of a massive launch of a super awesome program meant to make the business lives of photographers and other creatives a piece of cake, called DUBSADO.  We are creating it because we are the business owners who seriously don't have time to do "busy office work" all day.  We need as much free time as possible to brainstorm about making our businesses better and most importantly being with family.  But in building this program, it has been a true test of patience.  It is so easy to get "lost" in the Instagram posts of other creatives who seem to have all day of uninterrupted work, great coffee breaks at the local coffee shop, and office spaces that are so clean and perfect that it is no wonder their creative juices are flowing.  Again, I have to stop and tell myself that I have NO IDEA.  We all have struggles.  We are all human.  But it is those hard things that make us and our businesses even stronger.  Heck, Jake and I would not have even come up with the idea of this program if things were easy for us... since this program is meant to make the business lives of creatives easier :)

I can post the typical mock up desk photo of my current "perfect" work station right now with the muffin and tea in the corner that I sip on while I work...

Real Life_0319

...but what you don't see is what is behind me.  The sleeping newborn who finally went down after waking up every hour last night.  The two year old who took out just about every toy he can find and threw them everywhere.  The husband next to me who is frantically trying to get emails answered before that two year old remembers he wants to go swimming.  But that is all perfect to me because I have a precious little boy who just loves to sleep (during the day).  A two year old that has such an excitement for life that is just contagious.  And a husband that would do anything and everything for his family.  I would say that is pretty much perfect.

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