Paige - Baby Headshots

Ever since Charlie was born, I have never enjoyed photographing babies as much as I do now.  Before I used to be so timid when it came to babies.  How do I talk to them?  Is it okay that they are sitting by themselves?  Can they stand?  My worries would cloud my mind.  Now, it is so nice to be more comfortable with the little ones.  Each baby has their own limits and preferences, but having one of my own at least gives me an understanding! This little one was so well behaved.  She is only 13 months, and I was just so impressed how she just sat there and smiled and laughed at what her mommy was saying.  Such a good little model and a little cutie!  :)

Baby-headshots-1 baby-headshots-2 baby-headshots-3 baby-headshots-4 Baby-Headshots