Nyah - Headshots

Children's minds think so simply and straightforward.  I guess something we adults need to learn from the little ones.  ;) I have worked with this little girl before, but it was a few years ago!  Upon seeing her for this shoot, I asked her if she remembered me.  She simply answered, "Nope!"  She was on to the next topic.  Then, as she was getting her hair and makeup done, out of the blue she looked at me and said, "I just really don't remember ever doing this before." She thought very hard about it, but just so simply put, she just didn't remember.

Carefree, joyful, and just simple.  I stress way too much on everything.  That is probably why I do get sick sometimes.  So when I am reminded by a child of how simple and joyful life can be, I can take a step back and see that there really is nothing to worry about at all.  Just live life!

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