Noah is ONE!!!!

Oh Noah!  I cannot believe my little baby is ONE ALREADY!  Time flew by super speed.  

Noah just took his first steps a week ago.  It looks so weird to see him WALKING.  He gets a kick out of it too.  For some reason it cracks him up when he is walking.  He practically runs when he gets close to his finish line too.  Silly boy.

He has been "talking" non-stop lately in his "low" baby voice.  Just mumbling a bunch of sounds.  He just has a lot to say I guess.

We have been very hesitant to feed Noah anything different than what he usually has because he chokes SO easily, but lately he has been good.  Eating chicken nuggets, fruit loops (his fav), avocados, rice...He loves ANYTHING that is not baby food.  

I think he is JUUUST about to drop his morning nap (nooooo :( that is how we get ourselves ready in the morning) but I knew this day had to come sometime anyways!

He is cutting another tooth or two, but doesn't seem to be bothering him AS bad as his top teeth did.  

He is SUCH a little smiley boy.  Just say his name and instant simple.  Look at him, instant smile.  Do anything, he will just smile at you.

He is in LOVE with this doll we have.  We bought it for Charlie when Noah was first born so Charlie could hold a baby too...we named him Eddie.  But Noah loves Eddie.  Every time he sees him he gives the doll a HUGE kiss.  I think he thinks it is real.

Here are more photos from this month <3