Noah is 9 Months

I am always late at bad.  But I HAVE to do it.  I LOVE looking back and seeing my little boy grow up.  And that he sure has done this past month.  We are now crawling, standing holding onto things, has 4 teeth growing in... It is going by so fast I cannot believe it.  We will have a one year old on our hands very soon here.  

Noah and Charlie are still the best of friends.  They play together so well.  My favorite is when Noah gets in his walker, Charlie stands on the back and has Noah take him around the house.  Noah gets a kick out of it and Charlie gets a free ride around the house.  Win, win!

He is so good at playing too.  He can keep himself occupied very well especially since he has been more mobile lately.  

His FAVORITE food right now is those Gerber Yogurt Melts.  He can go through like 3 packets of those a day.  He eats sooo much.  I hope it says that way since Charlie is soooo picky.  

Naps have been a hit and a miss but he has been sleeping pretty well at night.  It has been nice to feel normal again with being rested.

He is such a little cuddler too.  Oh, I love it so so so much.  I just say, "put your head down Noah" and he just puts his head on my shoulder.  The other day we went to a lunch and he just fell right asleep on Grandma's shoulder.