Noah Christopher Berg

Noah made his debut into this world on Sunday, August 2, 2015 at 7:58pm after a very stressful 14 hour labor.  I guess Noah was too big to be in there any longer.  For some reason the doctors underestimated how big he actually was, being born at 8lbs 13 oz, he was just too big. During labor he kept either getting under stress from contractions or him crushing his own umbilical cord, but his heart rate kept dropping dramatically.  It had the nurses running into our room every two hours to figure out their next plan of attack to get his heart rate back to normal.   Finally, Noah was ready to come!  But then continued to scare us all because he was not crying at all.  It must have been the longest 30 seconds of my life, but hearing him cry was the best sound I have ever heard. These past few days have been interesting adjusting to our "new" life.  Noah is such a champ with sleeping though all of Charlie's loud toy playing and poking his arms and legs.  The days are great, but the nights are tough.  I think he still is a little confused by his night and days because he definitely does more sleeping in the day than at night.  He just is more alert at night and wants to hang out!  At least he is happy.  I am exhausted, but am praying so hard that a night sleeping routine will come into play soon.

Charlie has been loving having someone else around.  He just keeps going up to Noah saying "Baby! Baby!"  The other day, after a night at grandmas house, he found one of Noah's shirts in the diaper bag and said "Baby!" and would not put it down until he saw his brother.  He loves to copy everything Noah does...If Noah grunts...he grunts.  If Noah moves his hands...he moves his hands.  I think it is safe to say he loves his brother.

Noah-Birthday_0313 Noah-Birthday_0312 Noah-Birthday_0306 Noah-Birthday_0307 Noah-Birthday_0308 Noah-Birthday_0309 Noah-Birthday_0310 Noah-Birthday_0314 Noah-Birthday_0315 Noah-Birthday_0316 Noah-Birthday_0318

Life may be hard, but it is sure perfect! :)