Noah is 5 Months!


A little late to post but ohhhh well! :)  He's our little chubby dude.  Smiles at anyone who talks to him.  Loves to eat.  Loves his baths.  And loves Charlie.  In fact, Charlie is the only one that can make him laugh really hard.  <3

The other day I looked at Jake and said, "Wow I cannot believe we have two kids now!"  Haha, it took a little to sink in I guess.  But Noah just has his own little personality now and it just feels more "normal" or "real".  He is so easy going though.  He kinda just rolls with anything we are doing.

We sleep trained him this month.  We hit a point earlier this month where we were waking up EVERY 2 HOURS OR LESS.  It was horrible...  We knew something needed to change.  SO we moved his crib out of our bedroom.  The cry-it-out method worked with Charlie really well, so we tried that again with Noah.  He is a tough cookie lol.  We realized that he isn't quite the same as Charlie and liked the reassurance of us going in every 5 mins or so to say "Goodnight" or pat his bum while he is crying...Charlie hated that.  We are on a pretty good routine now.  Some nights are hard here and there, but he usually sleeps for about 11 hours.  Praise the Lord!

This Month's Milestones: - His cues are so much easier to pick up on now...when he is tired, hungry or just bored. - Totally okay with car rides now. - Loves his rice cereal and apples. - Master at rolling over to his back, but not yet from back to tummy. - Okay with longer periods of playing in bouncer. - ALLLLMOST sitting up!









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