Noah is 4 Months!

Noah4Months_0025 Oh my little Noah is another month older.  He is still bald, still chunky, and still smiling at everything.  I love how easy it is to make him smile.  It is my favorite thing in the world to see Charlie and Noah together.  In the morning, Charlie will run into our bedroom, where Noah still sleeps, and say hi to "baby"and kiss him and hug him.  But instantly when Noah sees Charlie, he gets the biggest smile on his face.  Goodness, they are going to have so much fun together!

Sleep has been SO hard this month.  Thankfully, Noah has a solid routine for day time naps and sometimes takes a nap for 3 hours!!!  Woo!  But nights are a whole other story.  It has been hard... I know it might be because of his teeth, but 4 times a night is just not fun for anyone.  We have tried sleep training and different techniques, but he just seems stubborn.    I know we will get there eventually, but goodness, can it come faster?! ;)

I remember when Charlie started reaching for his toys when he was a young baby.  Once they can start grabbing things and playing with them, I feel like their whole world changes...Now they can actually control something.  This month Noah has been doing that, and he just works SO hard.  His pouty face when he can't get his toy is the cutest thing!!!

This month's milestone: - He is just not too far away from sitting up.  Getting stronger and stronger. - Three hour naps are a blessing. - He loves the Baby Bjorn...SO MUCH. - He is actively grabbing and reaching for toys. - Introduced rice cereal this month...he is indifferent to it. - Is now in a size 3 diaper...he is soooo chubs.










And incase you want to know what goes on behind the scenes... Our photos may look happy and all, but this is how we got them! HAHA! ;)


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