Noah is 3 Months!

  Another month has gone by...cannot believe it.  He has grow up so much in the last month.  I feel his personality coming through so much more.  His smiles are just contagious.  He talks whenever you look at him.  He is all around just a pretty chill dude...and this little guy has to put up with a lot.  Charlie is the rough-housing older brother!  I am scared to find out what it will be like when Noah can "flight back".  Oy!

We are still waking up 1 or 2 times at night for a feed.  Sleep training Noah has been a lot different than it was with Charlie.  With Charlie the "cry it out" method worked with in a  few days, but with Noah that is not working so well.  He is persistent.  So we need to figure something else out that will help us catch a little more z's at night.

I just cannot get over how relaxed he is.  He loves laying down looking at ceiling fans or being in his Baby Bjorn.  But come 7:30 or 8 he lets us know that he is ready for bedtime!

This month's milestones: - He started laughing now.  First with my mom, then Jakes mom, and then I finally got my first laugh too. - Tummy time is not so bad anymore! - He is taking some pretty solid naps in the afternoon.  These past few days it has been 3 hours...GLORIOUS! - He can hold a toy in his hand (if I place it there) and bring it up to his mouth. - Can now go a few hours without eating and when he does eat, he is eating longer. - I think teething has started.  He is drooling like crazy and crews his hand and our hands like crazy.


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