Noah is 1 Month


I LOVED doing these posts for Charlie.  It is funny how easy you forget when kids reach certain milestones.  I went back and looked at my blog SO often to just reminisce about Charlie's stages of life.  I am looking forward to doing the same thing for Noah.

Noah is a little fatso and I love it.  He has the double chin and the plump arms, horrible on adults but totally adorable on babies.  Within two weeks of being born he had already gained 2.5 lbs.  Let's just say he eats A LOT.

Sleep has been SO HARD.  I miss seeing the inside of my eyelids.  For the first 3 weeks and 5 days of his life he only slept for 2 hour stretches, but seems like he slept longer ones in the day.  But thank the Lord that he has slept 4-5 hour bits the past two nights.  It has been wonderful and we are praying that it stays.

It really has been tough juggling two little ones now.  But Noah is so good.  He is a fairly calm baby so we are able to tend to Charlie at times and you won't hear a peep from him.  Jake and I told ourselves we would go on "living normally" when Noah was born.  Meaning keep doing the things we were doing before.  With Charlie we waited about 6 weeks before going out of the house and it was tough...mostly on ME!  I feel that Charlie didn't get used to our "busy life style" early on because we took that large of a break.  So Noah came a long and we knew that staying home for 6 weeks with a two year old would get kinda crazy... Noah went to Church when he was a week old, went on a date with mommy and daddy when he was 6 days old, and started coming to work with me when he was 2 weeks old.  He just is happy wherever we go!

We are so blessed to have a healthy little boy and cannot wait to watch him grow!

This month's milestones/favs: - He has really started to smile the past week. - Sleeping a little better at night. - Loves the bath now. - Gaining much more head strength and will try to lift his head when propped up. - Loves car and stroller rides.

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