New Store Item - Canvas Prints

I am so excited to launch a new little part to Becca Liz Photo and that is CANVASES!  Lately, I have just fallen in love with taking those images from your computer and putting them in print.  There is just something about having that photo in your hands or on your walls. I ordered some for my family from my lab, and I just LOVE the quality of the canvas.  I have seen others that are flimsy and really cheaply put together even though the price tag was not cheap.  Heck, Shutterfly's canvases are pricy and I have never really loved the quality of their prints.

Now with photo shoots and weddings, all Becca Liz clients can order these canvases as gifts for family or for just your own walls!


They are about an inch in thickness.


And come ready to be hung!

Becca-Liz-Canvas_0046 Becca-Liz-Canvas_0047