New Site, New Name & Free Starbucks!

Friends, today is the day...The day I have waited a very long time for.  Since deciding I wanted to become a photographer, I have striven to create a brand that reflected me.  So after months of searching for inspiration and finding what in the world I would look like if I were a website..I think I pretty much figured it out.  Today I am launching my brand new site. Becca Liz Photography! I am kinda sad to leave my old name behind since that is what I started my business with back in 2008.  But I know I wanted to have something that was more personable.  When people hire me, they are not hiring a studio...they are getting ME, Becca Liz.  A real person who cares about each photo and everyone in it.  In fact, there is meaning behind the name too.  To my grandfather, I am always Becca Liz!  This makes it even more special to me.

Jake and I did everything on our own.  From logos to branding...It was a feat.  It is hard doing everything yourself, but I definitely appreciate my site a lot more to know that took A LOT of love to make it look like it does.  In fact, the logo came about by just one pen.  Yes, a PEN!  I loved the way this pen wrote.  So I started doodling.  Then the doodles became a sketch of the website, then that sketch became my site complete with the logo!  After four months of trying to come up with a logo it took one pen and 10 minutes...

A special thank you to my husband Jake for doing everything you see on this new site.  From the site itself to most of the photos of me, everything...  He is amazing and everything I had pictured in my head came across beautifully the way he did it.

Here is to a new chapter of life and business, Becca Liz Photography - Weddings, Headshots and Families.  I cannot wait to capture the stories that have yet to be told!  To kick off new site with a celebration, I am giving away TWO $25 Starbucks Gift Cards!  Who doesn't love a good ole' Starbucks?!  Go ahead and enter to win!


Starbucks Card Winners: Diane and Mandy! :)

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