A Month of Charlie - October

This month has been a tough one.  Charlie and his "I'm not the only child any more" feelings are kicking in.  He just gets really fussy and opinionated when Noah is around sometimes.  But I feel like we are making some baby step progress on making that stop.  I think that Charlie also just gets frustrated at the fact that Noah cannot play with him as well.  Soon Charlie.  Very soon.  The love his still has for Noah though is crazy big.  Still kissing him all the time.  <3 It has been a lot of fun having conversations with Charlie.  He is just getting so good at them.  But other times, I have no idea what he is talking about.  Still trying to learn "his language" too ;)

Charlie and I had a nice mom and Charlie date with grandma and a few other friends at the pumpkin patch.  Even though it was about 100 degrees that afternoon, I tell ya he had the time of his life going on horses, seeing goats and riding in wagons with his cousin!

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OctoberCharlie_0406 OctoberCharlie_0407 OctoberCharlie_0408 OctoberCharlie_0409 OctoberCharlie_0410



He is obsessed with firetrucks.  Always wee woo wee woo!!!


Okay, for those who know me, know that I really dislike people posing next to trees, but I thought Charlie looked pretty cute in this photo. ;)

OctoberCharlie_0412 OctoberCharlie_0413 OctoberCharlie_0414


OctoberCharlie_0416 OctoberCharlie_0417


Charlie handed out the candy and if no one was coming up to trick-or-treat, he would yell really loud "COOOME ON KIDS!"

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