A Month of Charlie - November

I have been blogging Charlie's month-by-month for well over a year now.  It is the hardest thing to do, especially with two kids, and sometimes the only reason I will pick up my camera is to have something for my blog post.  Life is just too busy.  BUT I am SO happy I have something motivating me to keep up with photos of my kiddos and not just photos on an iPhone.  I looked at my 2015 home photo file and we have nearly 2000 pictures in there now...  in about 20 years those will be priceless. This month we have been really working with Charlie to get him listening more and effectively communicating to us, rather than just crying about it.  Little by little we are getting there.

We hired a nanny this month too.  It has been such a blessing.  Both Jake and I work full time and before we were working AND Jake was watching the kids.  We were not getting too much work done so we were over working ourselves by working weekends and late evenings.  Even though we saw Charlie and Noah all the time, we really were not spending quality time with them.  We prayed and prayed for an answer and shortly after our prayers were answered when He sent us a lovely lady to help us.  Charlie and especially Noah just LOVE her.  Now we are able to come home from work and be done with working for the night.  Charlie has been quite happy about that.

This month Charlie learned to make tea and coffee.  It has been pretty awesome to say the least!  Next up are lattes and cappuccinos! ;)

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