A Month With Charlie - June 2015

This month I have noticed him looking like a little boy more than ever.  He is stringing more and more sentences together with the crazy words that he makes up.  "Doo dahh, sky eerrm" Which basically translates into, 'Uncle Jordan went on an airplane (eeermm is the sound of the plane)'. I won't forget, the other day Charlie was talking away (side note: Charlie is ALWAYS talking.  He is never just silent.  He always has to be saying something) and then he started being silly and making his words sound different...so I started to make fun of him.  He looked at me and just started cracking up.  I thought it was hilarious myself because he knew I was making fun of him and he knew to just laugh it off.  :)

It has been VERY hot so we have been taking advantage of our pool.  Charlie has become obsessed with swimming.  He held onto us and kicked as hard as he can so that it can splash.  But he didn't really get the point that he had to lay on his tummy.  Rather, he was running in place...looked like a little seahorse.  So, the other day we got him a life vest so we all can enjoy the pool a little bit more, and that just made him want the pool more than before.   He was timid at first with the life vest, but now he is swimming with no assistance...kicking away.

We have been working on A LOT of projects around the house...can't wait to share soon, but Charlie has been loving all the tools dad has been bringing out.  He just stands along right beside Jake and wants to get right in the action.

Charlie-June_0294 Charlie-June_0292

As a photographer, I try to get my child to smile normally, but most of the time I just get this....

Charlie-June_0291 Charlie-June_0290

But every now and then he gives me a normal smile.

Charlie-June_0293 Charlie-June_0295