A Month of Charlie - July 2015

I was really looking forward to writing this post because I knew it would be the last "Month of Charlie" post of Charlie being the only child.  Next month he will be a big brother and hopefully really kind and gentle to his little brother.  We are a little worried about how Charlie just might think that Noah can do everything he does as soon as Noah is here.  Charlie is already LOVING pushing Noah's empty stroller around...poor Noah is in for a bumpy ride.  I am sure Charlie will absolutely adore his little bro. This past month has been especially difficult.  Work has been SO busy.  I got sick.  Charlie got VERY sick (had a 104 fever at one point).  AND Charlie had another sleep regression.  He was such a fantastic sleeper until the 4th of July evening when our neighbors were lighting the loudest fireworks ever in their backyard.  It scared Charlie to pieces.  Now he things every night when he goes to sleep that those fireworks will come back.  So, he has been refusing to sleep at all.  No naps...no sleeping at night...and then if we do get him to sleep at night, he runs into our room in the middle of the night.  I am praying this phase passes quickly.

On the plus side Charlie has ALL his baby teeth in!  YAY!  No more teething for him.  Now we just have all of Noah's to go! ;)

Charlie-July_0297 Charlie-July_0296 Charlie-July_0299 Charlie-July_0298 Charlie-July_0300 Charlie-July_0303 Charlie-July_0302 Charlie-July_0305 Charlie-July_0301 Charlie-July_0304