A Month of Charlie - August 2015

This month Charlie really grew up!  He took on the took the role of big brother very seriously.  Before Noah, he relied on mom and dad to do a lot for him, but now he steps up and cares care of a lot more on his own.  His behavior has improved as well.  I am no longer as scared to go out to dinner with him.  Before I was afraid if he would even make it though until we got our food.  Thank goodness that has gotten better because we love eating out in this family!  We have been watching movies together as well.  He can actually sit through a whole movie now.  I never thought that I would say that about Charlie.  It's so great to be to be able to sit down next to him and cuddle...although he does talk throughout the entire movie about what is going on... :) He is speaking pretty well now.  Saying sentences and everyday learning a new word.  He LOVES colors and counting.  However, everything is either orange or the number 2.

This month has been a very "life changing" month for him adding a new little one to the family but he is just taking it SO well.  He has become EXTRA loving.  Always saying "Hi Bay-Bay" to Noah, holding his hand in the car, kissing him, trying to play with him...and ALWAYS asking where Noah is.  He loves his brother so very much!

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