Merrilees Family - Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

It is always the best feeling in the world when clients just feel like friends.  This is my second family shoot with the Merrilees and even before that first family shoot, I photographed the little kiddos, Mitchell and Juliette!   So over the last few years it has been fun getting together for these shoots. And Charlie has been enjoying it too.  We took Charlie to their family train shoot last year and his little 8 month old self loved being there and seeing other little kids.  So we brought him along this time, and my did he have a blast playing in the leaves with them and running around.  It is definitely not called work when you have this much fun... Merrilees Family, you look beautiful as always!


Their outfits were just the cutest thing.

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0024 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0021 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0022 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0038

This has to be one of my favorite photos.  I told mom and dad to kiss and Juliette had the cute idea that she should kiss her brother!

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0026 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0027 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0028 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0023 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0029

Time for some couple shots.  These two just warmed up the camera with their gorgeous smiles!  So photogenic.

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0030 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0031 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0032 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0041 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0033

Okay, maybe this next series of photos is my favorite...Look at the joy of Juliette.  I think it is safe to say she was having a good time!

Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0034 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0035 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0036 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0039 Family-photos-Christmas-photos-la_0025

Had to throw one of these in there!  This is what goes on behind the scenes in the middle of all those good smiles.... Photos like this, in about 10 years when you look back on it, are the ones that you just can't stop laughing at!