Our Memorial Day Weekend

I love love love an extra day added to the weekend.  I don't know why society doesn't just change it from a 2 day weekend to a 3 day weekend every week.  Going back to work is nice feeling refreshed!

This past weekend Charlie and I hung out most of the time since Jake was away at work and such, but Monday was a nice day we all got to be together.  Started with cleaning my closet.  Sadly, the only reason why I cleaned it is because I lost my favorite shirt... Well win, win, since I found my shirt and did something productive this weekend.  This was followed by a great lunch with endless mango iced teas, and after that, a failed nap from Charlie lead us to the idea to wear him out by running around the backyard and for a dip in the pool!  The day ended perfectly with a yummy BBQ with Grandma and Grandpa, Jake's parents. :)

Baby-Photographer As happy as can be running around with his bubbles! Children-Photography For the most part Charlie enjoyed himself... BeccaClicks Swimming time! BeccaClicks-Photography My happy little guy! <3 Child-Photographer The bottom left is my favorite photo.   Looks like I asked him to pose that way. Children-Photographer