Mandatory Days Off

Ever since I had my emergency room visit  a few weeks ago, I have been very careful to not over exhaust myself.  So easy to do when you just have so much to get done.  But really when I think about it, it will never get completely done.  There will always be something else to "do".  I love being busy, and having lots to do.  But there comes a point when you need that day off to just be! This Saturday will be my first of many, mandatory days off!  I noticed that whenever Jake and I have had days off to just be together, we would find ourselves dreaming, creating and finding inspiration.  No matter what you do for a living, finding inspiration in your life is a must to continue loving what you are doing.

Am I crazy to planning days off in the busiest time of the year?  Nah, staying fresh in my creativity and strong in my health is what will keep me doing the best work that I can do the rest of the year!

I am so thankful and blessed to spend time with my best friend, my happiest little son, and my great family and friends.

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