Living the Life

Babies are so carefree.   They walk around like nothing can harm them, no a care in the world.  That sounds pretty nice to me!  Charlie gets two naps a day...come on who doesn't want to take a nap?  He has great meals made for him everyday.  He just cries and many people come to his aid to make him laugh.  Charlie is living the life. Speaking of living the life, this weekend Charlie discovered what a quad was and how much fun it is.  He got on it with Grandpa first and rode around a few laps.  Charlie was SO HAPPY.  He held on so tightly saying "ooooh.  ooooh."  After that, he was hooked, and as you can see below, he rode the quad with just about everyone.  Unfortunately, Charlie has a new favorite thing...I am scared now...




Charlie-at-ZacaCharlie is as happy as can be...just got off the quad! :)