Little Speed Bumps Along the Way

Every night Charlie, Jake, and I pray for us all to have good health, to keep us safe in all the places we go, and how thankful we are to be blessed to all be together.  But every so often God throws little speed bumps in the road to make us stop for a little bit, regroup and really be thankful for the days that may go by where we forget to thank Him. The past few days have been a little rough.  Jake got food poisoning two days ago and even though he is better now, he's still a little weak.  In addition to that, I pulled a muscle in my neck that makes it hard to even turn my head. On the normal days, Jake, the amazing daddy that he is, watches Charlie.  So when he is down, things get a little dysfunctional.  But I am so thankful that I am able to bring my little boy to work to keep him away from the sickie.  Lucky for Charlie he was able to hangout with his cousin at my work too...But you should have seen the disaster zone that was in the office.  Baby toys exploded everywhere.

Last night when things seemed to be calming down a bit and Jake was feeling much better, I get home from a super fun wedding consult.  I was on cloud 9 that we just booked a wedding.  I walked in the door and quickly squeezed in as much uninterrupted story telling to Jake before Charlie woke up from his nap.  2 mins later, Charlie was awake...and screaming his head off.  He screamed at the top of his lungs for 45 minutes straight.   We tried every trick in the book to calm him down.  Nothing worked.  Poor teething and grumpy terrible two Charlie keep bawling.  I walked circles around the house praying and thinking that some idea will come to me to help him.  I walked into the kitchen and hopes of some answers there, and it came to me.  The night prior, I did a massive target run.  The kind where your cart is overflowing and people are looking at you weird.  No I am not feeding an army, just my family of three.  Geez.  Anyways, I was debating whether this $6 box of veggie chips is worth it.  Back and forth, I gave in.  And I am so happy I did because in Charlie's uncontrollable state of crying, those veggie chips were worth $100 to me.  I opened up a bag and there Charlie and I sat, calmly on the kitchen floor eating veggie chips.  One by one.  No words spoken.  Just the sound of crunching chips.

All in all, taking a step back in the choas and knowing that this is just a little bump, testing us, and making us  stronger.

This is a little glimpse into my past few days through my iPhone! :)

Baby-at-work_0052 Baby-at-work_0051