Little Acts of Kindness - Recipe for Love Vol. 3

For those of you who are new to this blog, welcome!  This is Volume 3 for my Recipe for Love series.  On our wedding day, for our favors we had cookie's in a jar.  Each jar made a big batch of cookies that they can make at home with their family.   So in keeping with our recipe theme, our "guest book" was to have each guest write their Recipe for Love.  It was their recipe for what they think makes a great marriage.  It was so great to read what each person had to say.  All of our families and friends, married, not married...they all had great advice. See my previous posts: Vol. 1 - Recipe for Love & Vol. 2 - Recipe for Love

Here is this week's Recipe for Love:

"Remind yourselves of why you love each other everyday and find at least one different way to show it. Above all, keep God close to your hearts for, with him, you two can do anything."

When you are dating that is when we seem to think all the fun dates happen, do all the fun things together, and constantly remind each other of why you love one another.  While that is important during the dating phase, but it is even more important when you are married.  Always reminding each other everyday of why you love them.  It is one thing to say 'I love you', but it is another to show it.

Last night/this morning was a very hard.  Charlie was up all night with his first little sickness.  Both Jake and I were just so so so tried this morning.  I was going through my normal morning routine, I was wondering why this morning was going so smooth for such a rough night...Well, that was because my husband had laid out my cereal, made me tea, plugged in my flat iron, got the diaper bag ready, cleaned the whole house, and even (tried) to pick out my clothes.  You don't have to SAY I love you to mean it.  I felt it just by all those little acts of kindness that he did for me this morning.  So blessed.

So all you dating or married readings out there, try those little acts of kindness to show your loved one that they are loved and appreciated.  I promise, it will make their day, like Jake made mine! :)