Liliana - Children Headshots

One of my favorite parts about doing children headshots, other than taking the photos, is seeing how excited the little girls get when they know they are going to get their hair and makeup done!  I remember when I was little, heck still to this day, I found it special and exciting to play "dress up" for a bit.  Especially when they get to go home lookin' like a star! :) Children-Girl-Headshots_0035 Children-Girl-Headshots_0037 Children-Girl-Headshots_0045 Children-Girl-Headshots_0036 Children-Girl-Headshots_0038 Children-Girl-Headshots_0040 Children-Girl-Headshots_0041 Children-Girl-Headshots_0039 Children-Girl-Headshots_0042 Children-Girl-Headshots_0043 Children-Girl-Headshots_0044