Life...A Big Routine...

I do the same thing day after day. I am SO routine. And I LOVE it... in a way. There is nothing better than waking up, working out, getting ready, and going out to lunch and possibly dinner too.   I would eat out every single day if I could. Once the day is over, it is showers, bath time for Charlie, and watch a TV show with my hubby in bed while eating fresh cut fruit.  Yep, that is my routine everyday.  And it hardly ever changes.  Stability is important in life!  My routines make me feel comfortable and less susceptible to vulnerability.  But lately, I have realized hiding in those shadows is something that I don't necessary want to do forever. Jake and I really have been working on getting our name out there for wedding photography.  There is nothing that excites me, scares me, and makes me come out of that shadow more than photographing a wedding.  The weddings that Jake and I have done have been the most fun I have ever had.  With each wedding, my stomach would be in butterflies the night before trying to plan and thing everything out.  But once I got there, I forgot about all those worries!  Out of my comfort zone I was, but on compete bliss doing something I absolutely LOVE with the man of my dreams!


Hope you have a great weekend!