Leo - Baby Headshots

I was telling little Leo's mom how scared I was to do baby photography before I had Charlie.  Once I had a baby of my own, I realized they are not all that scary.  In fact, they have become one of my favorite subjects to photograph AND they keep me in shape with all the running around they do during the shoot! This little man was just darling.  He is learning 3 different languages and already at 16 months he has an amazing vocabulary.  During the shoot he kept calling for his dog, "Honey?  Honey?"  So adorable.  It can't get much cuter than this! So many fun ones I just couldn't decide!

Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0035 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0039 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0029 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0032 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0036 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0030 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0031 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0033 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0034 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0037 Baby-Headshot-Photographer_0038

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