Latif Family - Los Angeles Portrait Photographer

I have been telling Jake since September that when I do family photos this holiday season I want them to look like FALL.  Here in Los Angeles, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring all kind of blend together into what feels like one big summer.  I so badly want to shoot in some fall leaves...maybe a little snow...with the air crisp and cool. Well, this past weekend's shoot I figured I would make that a reality.  God heard my prayers for the weather, since we woke up on Saturday to a "cool" 65 degrees.  Now to make it LOOK like fall was the challenging part.  When my stylist and I arrived to the shoot location we pretty much turned into gardeners because we picked up, what felt like, every leaf in that park and put them in one spot.  I think it worked ;)  My little photographer heart was happy.

So along with this great setting was a great family to tie it all together.  I have worked with little Nyah before for her headshots (see here) and we have been planning this family shoot for months.  Last weekend we made it happen and I am so glad we did.   We had a blast shooting, running around with the dogs, and tossing those fall leaves in the air.   Family photos are just priceless especially ones with grandma and grandpa!  There is nothing better than being with family!

Family-photography-la_0010 Family-photography-la_0012 Family-photography-la_0000 Family-photography-la_0001 Family-photography-la_0003 Family-photography-la_0013

I have realized since having a child of my own now, Jake and I rarely just get photos of the two of us.  So I love being able to take mom and dad aside for a few seconds to snap a few romantic photos of their own!  They are pros...look at them just work that camera!

Family-photography-la_0004 Family-photography-la_0005

Meet Olive.  She is making sure no one tries to intrude on our family photo session!

Family-photography-la_0011 Family-photography-la_0007 Family-photography-la_0017 Family-photography-la_0020

Isn't this little guy adorable?!  He's only 4 months old!!!

Family-photography-la_0002 Family-photography-la_0008 Family-photography-la_0015 Family-photography-la_0014 Family-photography-la_0016 Family-photography-la_0009 Family-photography-la_0006

And this was the behind the scenes of Melissa and I gathering leaves from around the park to create our little patch of fall!

Family-photography-la_0019 Family-photography-la_0018