Latest Shoot

It's Wednesday and for some reason it was the hardest day to get out of bed, to get ready, to get going with my day.  It could be the fact that my little Charlie is no longer sleeping though the night anymore! :(  He was sleeping for 8-10 hour stretches for about a month and a half and then last week out of no where he wants to wake up 2 times a night.  Oy!  I am praying this phase passes...again.  BUT, though all this tiredness, editing and finishing up this shoot made me gain a little more the way it turned out.  I think that is because this little girl had so much personality, it was just a blast capturing the photos.  Love working with the little kids!

Children-Headshots-Becca LA-Headshot-Photographer LA-Headshots-Children LA-Headshots Children-Headshots-LA