Kerri & Sienna - Headshots

It was a HOT and HUMID day when I took Kerri & Sienna's headshots.  Especially for kids, you notice in the heat that their energy just starts melting away.  But not with this mom and daughter headshot session.  Maybe it was because they came bearing great gifts of Frozen Yogurt, or their amazingly bubbly personalities, but both of them were just so fun to be around.  Laughing away and looking forward to yogurt after the shoot made this a super fun time! Kid-Head-Shots Children-Headshots Becca-Clicks-Children-Head-Shots Kids-Headshots BeccaClicks-Children-Headshots Children-Head-Shots Adult-Head-Shots-BeccaClicks Adult-Head-shots-LA Adult-Head-Shots Adult-Headshots-Burbank Headshots-For-Adults Adult-Headshots-LA Adult-Headshots Family-Photography