Kayden - Children Headshots

This little kid had style.  He was the collar poppin', skateboard riding, cutest little guy around.  He was so fun to work with.  And he does the be tough face I know.  This is why woking with kids is the best.  Each and every one of them are so different and their adorable personalities are just so fun to capture. CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0011 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0000 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0006 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0003 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0001 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0010 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0007 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0013 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0002 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0004 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0005 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0008 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0009 CHILDREN-HEADSHOTS_0012