Kate - First Birthday Party

A jumper, face paint, piñata, birthday cake, a life size cooked pig... yes, you read that right.  A 4 foot cooked pig was in attendance at this first birthday party.  Freaked me out at first, but I quickly realized that it was actually a pretty yummy lunch! Last Sunday, Jake and I photographed a first birthday party.  The little birthday girl, Kate, had so much fun at her own party that she had to take a nap in the middle in order to have energy to finish the party ;)  It was a chilly day, but the jumper, good food, and many laughs kept everyone warm.

It was a fun time being apart of a family gathering like this.

First-Birthday-Jumper First-Birthday-Girl-2

The beautiful birthday girl:First-Birthday-Girl 1st-Birthday-Jumper First-Birthday-Food

I love this photo of the birthday girl's big sister...I think she likes it? ;)First-Birthday-Activities First-Birthday-Cake

Mommy and her big girl!Event-Photographer-First-Birthday

Everyone had a great time....even the babies!


Grandma and her little girl.First-Birthday-Party-2

Family photo!First-Birthday-Family-Pictures First-Birthday-Party

Jake working his magic... ;)Event-Photographer