Jordyn - Children Headshots

I think Jordyn was 2 years old when I did her first photo shoot.  She did the typical two year old thing and just run around and avoid all things and people having to do with the camera!  I have worked with her a few times since that first time, but I can easily say this past shoot was my favorite one with her.  Now 4 and a half, she was so alive FOR the camera.  Let's just say she was telling me some of her posing ideas and places to take photos.  So much can change in a few years, from avoiding the camera to just loving everything about it! Children-Headshots_0003 Children-Headshots_0002 Children-Headshots_0004 Children-Headshots_0005 Children-Headshots_0006 Children-Headshots_0000 Children-Headshots_0007 Children-Headshots_0008 Children-Headshots_0009 Children-Headshots_0001